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Euan had his first taste of dry stone walling in 2007 by attending a training course run by the West of Scotland Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association. Initially it was just a hobby and he continued to develop his skills and understanding by volunteering with the West of Scotland branch on various community projects. He realised that this was what he wanted to do for a living, working outdoors building dry stone walls. Roll on a few years and putting his previous career as a graphic designer behind him (as well as the nice warm office that went with it) he has been fortunate to make some good contacts and has worked for great clients who realise the benefits and beauty of dry stone walling. This along with some hard graft has allowed him to pursue his ambition of working as a full time waller.

building low garden retaining wall
free standing dry stone wall

Why Dry Stone

​Dry stone walling (dry stone dyking) is an ancient craft using age old techniques to create self sustaining structures with out the use of mortar. They are held together with the use of traditional building techniques, gravity and friction. Dry stone structures built well are strong and durable lasting for generations with very little maintenance.

​There are many benefits for building with dry stone some of which are:

• being flexible structures they expand and contract with the ground

• weather resistant & self draining allowing water and wind to pass through • sustainability, there's no need to paint or treat with wood stain

• environmentally, much smaller CO2 footprint compared to mortared structures

They also provide a natural habitat for flowers and wildlife and of course they're pleasing to look at and improve the overall look and appearance of any garden and landscape.


stone dyker - dry stone signage


Based in Portsoy, Scotland, The Stone Dyker is a small business set up and run by Euan Thompson since October 2011.

Specialising in the ancient craft of dry stone walling, Euan builds throughout Aberdeenshire and further afield when required.

Using traditional dry stone walling techniques he creates well built dry stone structures that are durable and attractive, complimenting any garden or landscape. 

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