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The original wall had collapsed over many, many years, was completely overgrown and barely recognisable. The clients asked for this to be re-instated creating a boundary/ wind break within the extensive garden that ran up a slope from right to left. Most of the stone, including the large wall ends were dug up from the old wall. A few tons of extra stone was gathered from a nearby farmer's quarry.


Free standing courtyard wall, retaining walls and steps.

This project involved building a dry stone courtyard wall to create a sheltered seating area ouside the clients newly built extension. Low retaining walls, steps and small flower bed were also built around the extension giving access to the garden and adjacent field.

All the stone was sourced locally from a nearby quarry.


Uppermill Garden Wall

Re-instating a free standing wall.

Gadiedale Garden Wall

Free standing wall.

This job involved building a free standing wall to separate the garden from the adjoining field, leaving space for a gate to be installed. The stone was a mixture of field stone and left over stone from the clients farm steading conversion.

2 Meadow Side Garden Wall

Free standing wall and gateways

This project involved building 50m of wall to replace a temporary wooden fence that surrounded the property. The wall extends around the boundary of the property and includes a walled gateway to the back garden. The stone was chosen to tie in with the surrounding area and adds to the appearance of the property. The client chose the wrought iron gates which tie in with the wall nicely.


Uppermill Driveway Wall

Free standing wall.

This involved replacing a harled breeze block wall with a curved, sloping dry stone wall improving the entrance way to the property. The driveway was also widened to allow for easier access for larger vehicles.

The stone was sourced locally from a nearby quarry.

This retaining wall and part free standing wall surrounded and supported the banking around the farm building. In total it was 30m in length and built from locally quarried stone.


Lillybank Flower Bed

Retaining wall

With this project the client had asked for a long retaining wall to be built creating a raised flower bed to run alongside their hedge. All the stone for this job was gathered by the client from around their property and the local farmers unwanted field stone.


Uppermill Barn Wall

Retaining & Free standing wall.

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